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Anca Timofte

Co-Founder & CEO, Holocene

Anca is the Co-Founder & CEO of Holocene, a direct air capture (“DAC”) technology developer and carbon removal service provider developing & deploying a scalable, low-temperature, aqueous carbon removal system. Holocene’s mission is to deliver a meaningful dent on reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations to slow and ultimately reverse the impacts of global warming. Anca has a BS in Chemical Engineering (WashU), an MS in Environmental Engineering (ETH Zurich), and an MBA from Stanford University. Before founding Holocene, Anca worked at Climeworks for 8 years, starting in 2012, where she hired and led the process engineering team, designing the process for ten unique DAC plants, including the largest DAC ever built, “Orca” in Iceland. Anca is also a Breakthrough Energy and ORNL Innovation Crossroads Fellow.