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Bryan Frist

CEO & Co-Founder, Yoshi Mobility

Bryan is the CEO & Co-Founder of Yoshi. He founded the company in 2015 after graduating from Harvard Business School with honors. At the time, the idea was simple: never go to the gas station again. Over the past several years, the company has pushed beyond this simple idea and grown into becoming a robust mobility platform performing services such as virtual vehicle inspections for Uber drivers and mobile EV charging for Cruise autonomous vehicles. The company has raised over $60mm from General Motors Ventures, ExxonMobil, Bridgestone USA, Y Combinator, Joe Montana, and Kevin Durant.

Prior to starting Yoshi, Bryan was part of the founding team on the ground in China for CHC Healthcare, a hospital company focused on building large tertiary care hospitals in partnership with local Chinese municipalities. Bryan graduated from Princeton University, majoring in history and premedical studies. He lives in Nashville with his wife, three kids, and two dogs.