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Garry Edwards

Chief Strategy Officer, Ryff

I am an industry veteran of the video games industry, with executive roles at companies such at Electronic Arts, UbiSoft, LEGO Company, TT Games and Warner Bros Games. Always the futurist and digital evangelist, i strive to find way where people will ‘connect’ to their entertainment rather than just play it. Post Warner Bros, I joined a tech start up, utilizing game tech and the burgeoning AI technology to bring virtual product placement to the TV and Movie industry. At a time when broadcast was declining and the rise of the streaming / OTT / FAST channels were in strong ascendance, we felt the market was ready for innovative, digital ad solutions. Thats what Ryff provides. A way to monetize content, regardless of when it was created whilst providing brands a new way to reach audiences outside of a conventional 15 or 30 sec ad unit, or an annoying pop up banner ad.