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Rachel Renock

Cofounder & CEO, Wethos

A former advertising creative and freelancer working across big brands like Covergirl and Hershey, Rachel Renock quit her agency job at 25 to start her own freelance studio with her cofounder Claire Humphreys. After experiencing the growing pains of freelance, they built technology that helped them scale their own independent studio to $1.4M in revenue in just 18-months. They’ve since released their platform which helps freelancers make more money by using proprietary data to guide users on successfully pricing, executing, and billing their projects. Wethos currently serves over 80,000 freelance businesses and Renock has raised over $14M in VC funding for the company. She’s been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Business Insider and the New York Times in pursuit of her mission to put more money into the pockets of independents everywhere.